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Positions Available


Open Positions


   Job Title  Location
  E&I Tech (15-0103) Pecos, TX  
  Field Services Driver (15-0100)  Borger, TX  
  Field Services Driver (15-0114)  Dumas, TX   
  Field Services Driver (15-0098) May, OK   
  Pipeline Field Tech (15-0104) Pecos, TX  
  Plant Operator (15-0115)  Saginaw, TX  
  Plant Operator (15-0116) Denver, CO  
  Transport Driver (15-0108)  Springer, OK   
  Transport Driver (15-0112)  Velma, OK   
  Transport Driver (15-0110)  Midland, TX   
  Transport Driver (15-0047) Pecos, TX  
  Transport Driver (15-0045) Pecos, TX  
  Transport Driver (15-0118)  Victoria, TX   
  Transport Driver (15-0094) Wakeeny, KS  

To apply for one of these positions please click on the link at the bottom of the job posting. BKEP does not accept unsolicited resumes.