Core Principles

At Blueknight Energy Partners, our Core Principles provide the foundation for everything we do. The importance we place on these values means our customers, investors, business partners and employees always know where we stand and what we stand for.


Our employees will perform their business affairs in a lawful and honest manner. We constantly strive to be compliant in our activities and associations by utilizing an ethical and integrity-based approach to decision making. Each employee is encouraged to challenge, take initiative and seek understanding to ensure lawful, compliant behaviors and results in all business affairs.

Responsible Corporate Citizen

Our employees are committed to be responsible corporate citizens as it relates to respecting our customers, investors, suppliers, partners and the communities in which we operate. We focus on the highest standards of safety and governance in our business activities. We are committed to protecting our environment and natural resources by operating in a safe and reliable manner in all the communities we serve.

Customer Commitment

Our employees will diligently and urgently seek out opportunities to build customer relationships, understand customer needs and create solutions that accomplish superior profitable results in fulfilling our customers’ expectations. This consistent, sustained dedication creates loyal customers that build on our long-term success while creating value for our customers in the marketplace.


Our employees contribute to the long-term success of our company by utilizing their economic thinking skills, being dedicated to continuous improvement, taking personal accountability for their words, attitudes and actions as well as undertaking a disciplined approach in fulfilling their responsibilities. Our employees create the greatest long-term results by seeking opportunities to improve and drive profitable change in our services. Our employees strive to increase their contributions by achieving their full potential, capably increasing levels of responsibility, eliminating wasteful activities, innovating and utilizing exceptional judgment in their daily decision making.

Superior Team

Our employees are our most valued resource. They desire to create real value for our company and investors. Satisfying customers’ needs requires constant and meaningful change to the status quo in order to develop creative solutions and drive the personal improvement of each employee. To create highly motivated and productive teams, our employees openly and constructively challenge one another to best utilize each member’s skills and talents to seek solutions. They demonstrate respect for each other’s input and knowledge while practicing humility and mutual respect for their fellow team members and associations in the marketplace. We embrace and encourage outcomes and innovations that are more beneficial to our company, investors and customers than any one individual.