Call Before You Dig

Please call 811 at least 48 hours prior to digging or doing excavation work on your property. 811 is a FREE service and works in all states where Blueknight operates.

If you or your company does excavation work, or if you are a homeowner or farmer who occasionally digs on your property, we need your help to prevent pipeline emergencies. Records show that damage from excavation-related activities, particularly from equipment digging into pipelines, is the number one cause of pipeline accidents. Without proper coor­dination, excavation activities in the vicinity of underground pipelines can result in very dangerous situations.

Notify us if you are digging and disturb a pipeline.

Even if you cause what seems to be only minor damage to the pipeline, please let us know immediately. A gouge, scrape, dent or crease to the pipe or coating may cause a future break or leak. Even if it is only a scuff mark, we need to know. It is imperative that we inspect and repair any damage to the line.

You may also contact 811 to place a locate request, or you can view additional information online by clicking the link below: