Asphalt Terminalling Services

With more than 8.8 million barrels of liquid asphalt and residual fuel oil storage capacity, Blueknight Energy Partners provides our customers with the ability to effectively manage their liquid asphalt inventories while allowing significant flexibility in their processing and marketing activities. Our 53 terminals are located in 26 states and are well positioned to provide asphalt terminalling services to our customers in the market areas they serve.

Liquid asphalt can be transported via numerous transportation methods, including truck, railroad, barge and tanker ship, to our facilities. Our logistics assets, such as docks and rail spurs and piping and pumping equipment, facilitate the unloading of liquid asphalt into our terminalling and storage facilities. The liquid asphalt can then be directly sold by our customers to end users or used as a raw material for the processing of asphalt emulsions, asphalt cutbacks, polymer modified asphalt cement and related finished asphalt products.

Blueknight does not take title to, or take marketing responsibility for, the liquid asphalt products we terminal, store and process. We generate revenues by charging a fee for the lease of a facility or for services provided as liquid asphalt is terminalled in our facilities.