At Blueknight, we conduct our business with the highest ethical, environmental, and safety standards ensuring our ability to create long-term value for all stakeholders associated with the company, including our employees, customers, investors, business partners, and those communities in which we serve. Our services are provided to industries that are critical to the economic development, transportation and growth of the United States, which we are proud to support.

Our core values provide the foundation of how we operate our business.  The importance we place on these values means that our customers, investors, business partners and employees always know where we stand, our expectations for outcomes, and how we make decisions for long-term value creation.

  • Compliance. We comply with all legal and regulatory guidelines as seasoned professionals who help to set the bar for others in our industry. As employees of Blueknight, we behave in an honest and ethical manner, putting integrity before all else.
  • Citizenship. We are responsible corporate citizens who balance the dual imperatives of social and environmental stewardship with economic profit. Good corporate governance is at the core of our business, ensuring that we operate in a safe, responsible and sustainable manner without compromise.
  • Customer-centric. We are committed to providing solutions that enable our customers to achieve profitable growth. We believe in developing long-term relationships with our customers grounded in mutual trust and respect. Our commitment to operational excellence and a high “say-do” ratio positions us to help our customers win in the markets they serve.
  • Entrepreneurship. We encourage every member of our team to think like “owner-operators” who take personal accountability for their words, attitudes and actions. Our growth is dependent on a mosaic of collective actions by our team members that, in their totality, drive our performance over the long-term.
  • Accountability. Our words and actions matter. Positive behaviors beget positive outcomes, supporting the success of our business. Choosing positive behaviors that build relationships, encourage innovation, reduce waste and support value creation results in superior outcomes for customer, communities, investors and employees.